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Singer partners country’s biggest gaming community to elevate cyber talent to global standards

Singer Sri Lanka PLC recently entered into a ground breaking partnership with Maximum Esports - Sri Lanka’s largest gaming community - as its primary sponsor and partner in a bid to support local cyber talent and advance the overall standards of Sri Lanka’s gaming industry. This pioneering endorsement by Singer supports Sri Lanka’s thriving gaming community, and their participation in the world of competitive, organized video gaming.The partnership follows Singer’s recent title sponsorship of the Singer Esports Premier League with a prize pool of LKR one million that saw 12 promising teams vying for the honors. With esports being declared as an official sport in Sri Lanka by the National Olympic Committee (NOCSL) and the Ministry of Sports, Singer’s sponsorship will enable Maximum Esports as well as other Sri Lankan gamers to enhance their skill sets through global exposure in their bid to participate in the 2022 Asian Games, where esports will debut as an eight-category medal event.

“Singer Sri Lanka PLC is thrilled with our promising partnership with Maximum Esports,” stated Shanil Perera, Marketing Director at Singer Sri Lanka PLC. “While Singer has been at the forefront in empowering and endorsing local sporting events and athletes in cricket, rugby and other sports, we are excited with our official foray into the virtual gaming world, and look forward to tapping its unlimited future potential. This partnership continues to strengthen our renewed focus on Sri Lankan youth, appealing to the mass a progressive brand that understands their consumer needs, while also leveraging our brand equity to empower them through such endorsements. Being voted the SLIM People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year 2021 has been a clear indication of their appreciation for our efforts, and we are encouraged to continue nurturing these partnerships across new avenues of interest.”

Maximum E-Sports is a Sri Lankan multi gaming esports community or clan established in 2008 to offer gamers of all ages and skill levels a unique opportunity to experience a pro level, competitive playing environment. It also creates an opportunity for less experienced gamers to learn from more seasoned veterans. The clan currently has approximately 6,000 members who compete in gaming events as a team, with a number of tournament victories under their belt.

“We are excited to partner with and be endorsed by Singer Sri Lanka PLC in the coming year, as esports continues to expand and be recognized as an official sport globally,” commented Shihan Morais, Founder and Co-owner of Maximum Esports. “With many major global sporting events declaring esports as an official medal event, we can enhance our talent locally in order to represent Sri Lanka on a global scale, and erase traditional stigmas about gaming. We thank Singer for recognizing our potential and look forward to leveraging this highly beneficial partnership.”

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